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Launching SKEIL: a venture studio by founders for founders.

Today we are launching Skeil as one the first venture studios within HR-tech and HR-lifecycle services in the Nordics. Since our establishment of Amby in 2012, we have worked closely with tech startups, scale-ups and corporates to support their growth on different levels. This whilst building Amby to become a leader within embedded tech-recruitment in Norway, and with an 80 percent year-over-year growth.

From left: Skeil founders Tor Daneshmand & Jørgen Iversen

Throughout these seven years, the start-up scene in Norway has transcended, allowing for the inexperienced and experienced to test the waters. We have been lucky to have had front-row seats whilst companies have launched their ideas and managed through stages of growth as well as internationalization. Some have failed, and have been forced to abandon their concepts and dreams along the way.

With this acquired knowledge, combined with our experience in spotting top global talent as well as building Amby, we have decided to reinvest our know-how and capital to build new ventures.

Skeil will connect ideas and founders, invest and work closely with founding teams to take raw business concepts through a proven model, enabling us to launch and scale companies fast(er).

In August 2019 Skeil launched, an automated recruitment platform that matches pre-vetted remote developers with companies looking to hire technical talent. In six months went from being a white-board concept to acquiring global and paying customers. Some of these are well-known unicorns within Europe and the US. Understanding global and common pain points within recruitment of developers, turned the process upside down, reducing time-to-hire from 6 months to merely two weeks.

In February 2020, Skeil launched its second portfolio company Kvant, a recruitment and HR consulting company focused within finance, banking and professional services. Kvant helps businesses scale and develop by connecting business strategy with talent strategy.

While the Skeil portfolio currently consists of Amby, and Kvant Consulting, Skeil will continue to invest in humans and ideas within the next coming years, launching and scaling new companies. Whereas venture capital firms put capital into businesses with great scale potential, we create them by combining insights, financial capital, human capital and market expertise.

We are always in pursuit of human potential and courageous thinkers. Are you a founder or team looking to build your next business venture or a business-minded entrepreneur eager to join an early-stage startup and build innovative companies? Join the Skeil portfolio and contact us on or +47 932 211 42.

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