Skeil invests in founders and ideas.

We rapidly accelerate raw concepts into successful businesses.




Skeil is a Norwegian venture studio investing in humans and ideas. We are niche specific and invest primarily within HR-tech and related services.


In 2019 we launched Skeil as a venture studio. The first venture studio within HR-tech and HR-lifecycle services in the Nordics.


We connect ideas and founders. We invest capital and expertise. We work closely with the founders-or founding teams to take raw business concepts through a proven model, enabling us to launch disruptive startups, fast(er).  

Skeil partners with entrepreneurs and quickly conceives, validates and launches new business concepts. Our experienced team operates in the trenches with you (not just as board members) so we can fast-track fundraising and key hires.

Whereas venture capital firms put capital into businesses with great scale potential, we create them; combining insights, financial capital, human capital and market expertise to create value.


WHY SKEIL? is an automated recruitment

platform that match pre-vetted

remote developers with companies

looking to hire technical talent.

Kvant is a recruitment and HR
consulting company that helps
businesses attract and hire the right talent for their purpose in areas

such as Finance and Commercial.

First Engineers helps startup and corporates scale. They are recruitment engineers offering

data-driven processes, exceptional talents and onsite consultants

within their core markets of tech.

We are in pursuit of

human potential and courageous thinkers.


We are always looking for

Founders and teams

looking to build their next venture.

Engineers, designers and marketers looking to join and build innovative companies.

Business-minded entrepreneurs looking to join an early-stage startup.

Join the Skeil family!


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